Faculty Fun Facts

Faculty Fun Facts

Lauren Stoudt


Fitness, Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical

  • I danced in college and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from Whitworth University.
  • I have a Maltipoo named Berkley! (yes, she’s my child)
  • I absolutely LOVE the outdoors, music and good food!
  • My dance studio is my everything <3 Come join the fun!

Kelly Cummings


Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Lyrical

  • If I could live in summer weather all year round, I would. #sunismybff
  • I am a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Go Antonio Brown!
  • My favorite age to teach dance to are my 2-4 year olds! (Mommy-time anyone?!)
  • I could say…mornings aren’t my favorite — but if you need me, I’ll be there!

Paul Grover



  • I was born and raised in Spokane, WA.
  • In my “spare” time, I love to ride my motorcycle.
  • I danced in Super Bowl XXI’s halftime show!
  • I am the youngest of 5 kids.

Zoe Thompson


Jazz, Lyrical, Tumbling

  • I was born in Seattle, WA where I danced for 6 years.
  • I love the Oregon beaches!
  • I’ve taken master classes from choreographers such as Shannon Mather, Tessandra Chavez, and Travis Wall.
  • My Starbucks order is a white chocolate caramel mocha with almond milk. Yum!
  • If I could be a mythical creature, it’d be a mermaid for sure!

Chandra Williams


Fitness, Tap

  • I was born and raised in Spokane, WA.
  • Go Niners! I’m an extreme football and basketball fan with my love for track and field.
  • My full time job is in Human Resources (love it!). I get to lend a helping hand to those around me. My part time job is teaching at the best studio Spokane has, DMZ! Both places I am surrounded by people who I adore more than words can explain!
  • I have an extreme passion for food, especially french fries!
  • Music fuels my soul! Combine that with dance and I am one happy girl. Music + Dance = Happy Life!
  • My family is my everything!

Kaitlyn Finke


Tap, Jazz, Ballet

  • When I was younger, I wanted to be a pro soccer player until I took my first dance class at 7 years old.
  • I am addicted to coffee and could live off of pasta and potatoes.
  • I love baking, especially pies <3